Life is Hard – Best Motivational Speech Video -Featuring Matthew McConaughey.

A good one to kick-off a meeting when you are asking your team to take on a tough challenge. 

The Surprising Secret to Great Public Speaking – Roger Love

A great one to have everyone of your team members listen to.  It’s approachable because it is geared to younger kids – and there is something in there for everyone.

Culture = Values plus Behavior 

In under three minutes Simon Sinek gives you the framework for setting your team’s culture.  This is must for every person in a leadership role. 

Attend to Fears and Feelings

Given the amount of fear we are all experiencing, this is a great management tool to add into your toolbox.  Brene Brown never disappoints. 


Boundless Bio Raises Oversubscribed $105 Million Series B Financing to Advance Next-Generation Precision Oncology Therapies

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