Like first impressions, the first communication of the day might be the most important. That’s why we offer these Motivideos to help you kick off a morning meeting with a vital message.

When Things Get Hard

Powerful video to rally your team.  We’ve all faced defeat, disappointment, discouragement. What do you do to fight those off?

The Most Toxic Person in the Workplace

A two-minute video that might help you decide who to keep on your team. As always, interesting insight from Simon Sinek

Mind your Manners

I don’t know how I missed this in years past.  Here is a great KPMG video to give to your new additions – funny and informative.  I hope that we will be eating together again soon.  

A Video Conference Call in Real Life

This is an oldie but goody.  It is hard to believe this is from 2015.  What a Zoom call would look like in reality.

Heroes of the Pandemic

Heroes of the Pandemic

Industry Trends: By the numbers