Getting the day off to a good start is even more challenging when your staff is scattered and checking in through Zoom or a similar platform. That’s why we think Motivideos are even more important today. They give you lessons and entertainment that can kick off your morning meeting in an exciting way. We hope these continue to help motivating your staff.

Expressing Yourself Well Most of our day is spent trying to communicate in the most efficient, effective manner with colleagues, clients and others. Here are some tips on how to help your team interact in an articulate way.

Overcoming anxiety Changing work places. Learning new skills, Communicating over different platforms. Of course we’re all trying to help manage the anxiety of our teams in this new world. Here is a short out of the box method for helping an employee in calming and getting away from that place of anxiety in the midst of chaos.

Cognitive Blindness: Focusing on the Right Things You think magic is just entertainment? Not at all. As Kyle Eschen demonstrates, understanding where and how we focus helps us pay attention to the right things in any situation.  This is one to keep in your files to get your team thinking at the beginning of a meeting. 

Gratitude and Calm When you want to imbue your team meeting with a recognition of gratitude for all they have, that gives them the opportunity to embrace calm and peacefulness. Here psychologist Dacher Keltner walks us through the process. 



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