In this column, we have often featured people who work all over the industry, expressing how much they get out of the results they are able to achieve. Now those people are more vital – to every one of us – than they have ever been. In our last issue we encouraged everyone to show your appreciation to your local health care teams by sending food or other gifts. Below are some examples of people from everywhere who are bonding through the crisis, giving each other heart and hope.

MESSAGES TO THE PATIENTS Here the healthcare workers at Ellis Medicine give hope and support to their patients, with notes and gifts that tell them to keep fighting.

MESSAGE FROM A PATIENT One of the first Covid-19 patients in the nation not only recovers, but beautifully expresses his thanks to all those who helped him.

AROUND THE WORLD people are gathering to cheer on the healthcare heroes who work tirelessly for the rest of us.

OUR ENTERTAINERS Often without compensation, artists, actors, musicians and others are online providing us with the beauty they create to get us through the day. German pianist Igor Levit has been holding daily livestreamed concerts from his home for the last few days to keep people’s spirits up.

AND THE CHILDREN Those who have the longest future ahead of them are exhibiting the greatest hope. Children in many countries, like this little girl in the UK, are putting up rainbows in their windows to show their faith in the future.


RETAIL WORKERS Often the lowest compensated and in contact with the most people, clerks and others are hard at work providing us with needed goods, and supporting their own families.


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