Why I Work In Healthcare


Normally this section features people from across healthcare giving their reasons for working in the most essential industry in the country. But now we’d like to sharpen the focus to the people on the front lines who are truly heroic. Putting themselves at risk regularly, they work long hours to protect the rest of us from the worst of this pandemic.

people and pizzas
We started by feeding the emergency room nurses at Abington Hospital.
women with pizzas
Here is the ER at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, and the goodies we sent from local Krispy Pizza.

And so, like many companies, we are trying to show them the appreciation they deserve. At Jacobs Management Group, we have initiated “Operation Feed the Frontlines” to send nourishment to the healthcare professionals at local hospitals to keep up their energy and let them know we’re thinking about them.

Together, we will gather the strength to beat Covid-19, and come out better on the other side. Be safe!

Doctor and nurses
At the recommendation of Pamela Daub at By Heart we focused on the ER at Reading Hospital and supported the local G&A Pizza.
Hospital staff greets thank
The ER staff at the Inova Alexandria in Alexandria, Virginia sent its thanks for our contribution.

If your company is doing something similar, let us know. A small “thank you” like this means a lot to those who are giving their all so that we can be safe. Select a hospital, call the ER charge nurse to coordinate, and find a local pizza place or deploy Uber Eats! Send us photos and details so we can highlight you in the next issue!

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