Combing through our previous lists of the Top 50 Pharmaceutical, Medical Device and Biotechnology companies, we have compiled the Top 100 Healthcare Companies of 2019. This year we find 44 pharmaceutical companies, 43 medical device (medtech) companies, 9 biotech companies and 4 companies that span the categories, with a combination of pharma, biotech and device divisions. We also have some new entries, including Thermo Fisher in the top 20 and Allergan, which came in at #30, after a busy year of acquisitions. As in previous years, the Top 10 is comprised of predominantly pharmaceutical players, with the exception of Medtronic, which came in at #9, one spot down from last year.

Pharmaceutical companies continue to dominate the Top 100 Healthcare companies in terms of revenue. This year, 66% of the total Top 100 revenue comes from pharma companies. This is up 4% from last year’s ratio. While the overall revenue of the Top 100 increased, we see fewer individual companies with an increase from last year. 30% of the Top 100 companies moved up the ranks from 2017 to 2018, while 51 decreased, 14 stayed the same and 5 were new to the list.

The Top 100 Healthcare Companies’ overall revenue total was $1.261 trillion USD. Revenue growth brings good news as the trends continue to be on the upswing. The Top 100 Healthcare companies’ overall revenue grew by 5% from 2017. Each industry is in a period of continuing growth, with a 1.5% growth rate for Top 50 Pharmaceutical companies, 9% for Top 50 Biotech companies and 11% for Top 50 Medical Device companies. While some sectors grow more quickly than others, we are happy to see progress in each area.

Companies are ranked by their 2018 revenue as furnished by their annual reports and publicly available sources, Edgar and Morningstar stock information websites (figures of non-U.S. companies were converted to U.S. dollars from various currencies using end of the year exchange rates for 2018). Companies are categorized by their predominant revenue source and their own characterization per publicly available sources.

We also have some new entries, including Thermo Fisher, who we had missed in previous reports, in the top 20. Additionally, Allergan appears as a new company, due to its recent merger with Actavis, who held the 27th spot in last year’s Top 100 Healthcare.




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