You know the old axiom “You only get one chance to make a first impression”? Well, the same is true of every day. You only get one chance to start it properly. So that’s why we always include Motivideos here – brief reminders of what life is all about, as a way to kick off your morning meeting on a positive note. Dive in!


Underneath it all, our effectiveness lies in our ability to influence others. Here is the underlying science of influence based on the principles of Cialdini.

Thinking, Fast and Slow

A great video to kick-off a meeting where your team will make decisions. This summary of Daniel Kahneman’s huge best-seller provides insight into questioning your fast-thinking responses, and trusting your slow-thinking, more reasoned responses.

Getting Your Brain to Focus

A good listen to gain insight on how to coach for focus. Dialing down the overstimulation of the brain and lining up those neurons to march in the right direction and accomplish the goals we’re after.

Getting Underneath Motivation?

Why do we work? We all know it’s not just for the money. Listen to this Ted Talk for insight into drivers for motivation and how to weave it into your teams every day work life.

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Cari Kraft

Cari Kraft leads a team of master level recruiters at Jacobs Management Group, celebrating 30+ years of executive recruiting in the healthcare (pharmaceutical, medical device, biotechnology) and high-tech industries, nationally. Prior to joining Jacobs Management Group, Ms. Kraft has held positions as a Senior Sales Executive, Director of Business Development and Director of Marketing. She also has deep knowledge of the technology/startup fields, having been in the industry through the rise of the Internet. Ms. Kraft is a University of Pennsylvania/Wharton alumnus holding a degree in economics and decision sciences. Cari can be reached at

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