By Cari Kraft, Jacobs Management GroupAh, that morning meeting—always a challenge to wake people up and get them excited about the day or week ahead. So here’s our usual kickstart for you—a few visual pieces that will provoke conversation and excite brain waves.

Enhance Your Speaking—Learning About Language

We all strive to use language so that others clearly understand what we’re talking about. But here cognitive scientist Lera Boroditsky shows us some of the subtleties we communicate—or miscommunicate — across cultural lines. Helpful if your company is global.

Tune Up Your Presentations—First Things First!

Another lens to look at your sales and marketing presentations through. Ann Ricketts outlines the four steps to making a compelling presentation that people will really listen to! (Hint—it begins at thevery beginning of what you say.)

How to Start Your Day

This is the very essence of Motivideos—how to get yourself inspired at the beginning of the day. How to believe in what you can do. And how to get it done. Take notes!

What’s the Next Idea?

There’s always more than one way to solve a problem. Here is a short funny video to kick-off an idea session. When the first doesn’t work—don’t get defeated. Trust your ingenuity.

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Cari Kraft leads a team of master level recruiters at Jacobs Management Group, celebrating 20+ years of executive recruiting in the healthcare (pharmaceutical, medical device, biotechnology) and high-tech industries, nationally. Prior to joining Jacobs Management Group, Ms. Kraft has held positions as a Senior Sales Executive, Director of Business Development and Director of Marketing. She also has deep knowledge of the technology/startup fields, having been in the industry through the rise of the Internet. Ms. Kraft is a University of Pennsylvania/Wharton alumnus holding a degree in economics and decision sciences. Cari can be reached at

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