Compiled by Cari Kraft, Jacobs Management Group, Inc.

Number of millennial HCPs who use their smartphones for professional purposes

Showing a significant break with older colleagues, millennial physicians overwhelmingly use smartphones for all kinds of professional purposes. They also spend 3 hours a day on non-EHR digital data, and 37% use social networks and message boards weekly.

Source: Decision Resources Group, “Taking the Pulse U.S. 2017,” April 2017

Healthcare execs who think that patient self-management will increase over the next 10 years

In a study of customer experience in healthcare, it was also found that 81% of payer execs are investing in technology to improve user experience, due to an awareness of patient preference for sooner appointments, convenient hours and other treatment factors.

Source: PwC, “Customer experience in the New Health Economy: The data cure,” April 2017

Hospitals using three or more connected health technologies

A HIMSS (Healthcare Information Management Systems Society) survey shows that more than half of all hospitals are using three or more connected technologies. These include mobile-optimized patient portals, apps for patient education, remote patient monitoring, telehealth fee-for-service programs, SMS texting, patient generated health data, and telehealth concierge services

Source: HIMSS, “Connected Health Survey,” March 2016

Units of wearables sold in 4Q 2017

Wearables continued their market success, with 37.9 million units moved in the last quarter of 2017. Apple soared to the lead, ahead of Fitbit and Xiaomi. The total was 7.7% more than the same quarter in 2016. Over 115 million units were sold in the full year, up 10.3% from 2016.

Source: International Data Corporation, “Worldwide Quarterly Wearable Device Tracker,” March 2018

Total spending on specialty medicines in 2017

Specialty share of global spending was 32% of global spending in 2017, up from just 19% in 2007. It’s expected to continue to rise to over half of medicine spending by 2022.

Source: IQVIA, “2018 and Beyond: Outlook and Turning Points,” March 2018

Millennial patients likely to switch doctors in next few years

Millennials are much more likely to move from one healthcare provider to another than their parents are. About 43% will change practices in the next few years, compared to only 20% of boomers.

Source: SolutionReach, “The Patient-Provider Relationship Study,” July 2017

Average gain in stock value of top four pharmaceutical stocks in 2017

The top performing pharmaceutical stocks in 2017 were Supernus, with a 53.07% gain, Johnson & Johnson (25.32%), Pfizer (15.52%) and Bristol-Myers Squibb (7.91%), trends expected to continue for Big Pharma throughout 2018

Source: Investopedia, “4 Top Pharmaceutical Stocks for 2017,” December 2017

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