By Cari Kraft, Jacobs Management Group

How do you start the day on an up note? Here are four more ways to kick off your own motivation or your morning meeting with humor, wisdom, inspiration and some thoughtful ideas. Take just a few minutes to see how they can work for you and what develops!

Can you make your presentations an idea worth sharing?

TED’s Secret to Great Public Speaking: Ted Curator Chris Andersons shares this secret—along with four ways to make it work for you. A compelling set of insights to pump up the power of your sales and marketing presentations.

Simon Sinek on why, how and what of leadership

The Why of Great Leaders: Simon Sinek had a revelation about the differences that make great leaders: why, how and what? It profoundly changed his life. Listen to him break it down for us and see how it might impact your leadership style.

Egghunt: Overcoming problems and competition

Egghunt: A great kick-off for a team meeting where people with competing interests need to work together. Solving tough problems, and turning competition into cooperation. Without words, this piece shows us a lovely piece of wisdom.

Validation: Make a customer smile today

Validation: An interesting short to get your team focused on more effective person-to-person communication in customer situations. An inspiration, a romance, a lesson in how to improve interactions, one smile at a time. Try it out yourself!



Cari Kraft leads a team of master level recruiters at Jacobs Management Group, celebrating 20+ years of executive recruiting in the healthcare (pharmaceutical, medical device, biotechnology) and high-tech industries, nationally. Prior to joining Jacobs Management Group, Ms. Kraft has held positions as a Senior Sales Executive, Director of Business Development and Director of Marketing. She also has deep knowledge of the technology/startup fields, having been in the industry through the rise of the Internet. Ms. Kraft is a University of Pennsylvania/Wharton alumnus holding a degree in economics and decision sciences. Cari can be reached at


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