Compiled by Cari Kraft, Jacobs Management Group, Inc.

41% of the record 51 new medicines were first-in-class treatments.

Of the record number of new medicines that gained approval last year, 41% were for first-in-class treatments using a completely new approach to fighting a disease; more than 20% were personalized medicines.

Source: DSN Continuing Education, “New PhRMA industry profile reports 7,000 medicines currently in development,” 4/21/2015


$687.5B Total worth of pharmaceutical, device and health insurer mergers in 2015.


Healthcare claimed $687.5 billion out of the $4.6 trillion in deals 2015. Healthcare also had the most mega-mergers, deals which exceeded $10B. The biggest was Pfizer/ Allergan at $148.6 billion.

Source: Chicago Tribune “2015: A banner year for health care mergers and acquisitions,” 12/28/2015

2,665 hospitals to lose $420M from Medicare due to readmissions. A record number of hospitals (2,665 out of a total of 3,400) will have their Medicare reimbursements reduced in 2016 due to readmission rates. 514 will face a penalty of 1% or more; 38 will face the maximum 3% penalty.

Source: The Advisory Board Company “514 hospitals will be penalized 1% or more,” August 5, 2015


The top four vaccine companies are expected to hold over 80% of the vaccine sales market worldwide.

FDA approved 30 new PMAs in 2015, a 50% increase By 2020, Merck & Co, GlaxoSmithKline, Sanofi and Pfizer are each predicted to capture 21% of the worldwide vaccine market. The top 10 companies will hold over 93% of the $34B worldwide market.

Source:EvaluatePharma, 2015 Worldwide Preview “Outlook to 2020,” June, 2015


Biotech IPOs are heating up.

Biotech companies are moving toward an IPO company model with six of them (Audentes Therapeutics, Bavarian Nordic, Corvus Pharmaceuticals, Editas Medicine, Reata Pharmaceuticals, Syndax Pharmaceuticals) announcing public offerings on January 4, 2016. 71% of biotech firms have funded themselves through the equity markets, while 34% have received funding from credit markets.

Source: Health Tech Zone, “Why are so many biotech startups filing IPOs in 2016?” 01/07/2016


A sales or marketing mis-hire costs approximately $82,000.

There is a high cost to both poor hiring and leaving positions open. The cost of a marketing or sales mis-hire is approximately $82K. The monthly cost for each open sales position is on average $45K, while the cost of an open marketing position is $39K.

Source: Jacobs Management Group, “Annual Compensation and Hiring Survey”


Telehealth has arrived.

Telehealth has become a reality. Telehealth services have been estimated at $14.4B in 2015 with an expected growth to $34.4B in 2020. The US market leads the way with a 40% market share.

Source: Mordor Intelligence “Global Telemedicine Marketing – Growth, Trend and Forecasts (2105-2020),” December 2015


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