By Cari Kraft, Jacobs Management Group

It sounds like I have hit a nerve with this column. I appreciate the feedback and hope that you continue to save these to use in your meetings and presentations. Hopefully I have continued to achieve the right mix of inspiration, amusing and wacky clips.

“How to Persuade Others with the Right Questions: Jedi Mind Tricks from Daniel H. Pink”

Why did you pick the lower number? This is a great simple strategy that can be woven into any sales or marketing presentation from Dan Pink’s latest book To Sell Is Human: The Surprising Truth about Motivating Others.

(Daniel Pink,

“Unforgettable Post-It Proposal”

This video shows how an out of the box creative idea can be used to pull on our hearts while promoting a product in a very insightful way. This would be a great one to kick off a brainstorming meeting.

(3M brand Post-It in Korea)

“The Science of Productivity”

A great video on productivity to help get more done in less time with a different take. A look at the science of how the brain works, which provides easy-to-implement tips.

(Sparring Mind,


Short video from Madagascar that would be a good meeting opener for anything involving a team. Nothing profound here, just some good, light fun.

(Madagascar Penguins Best and Funniest Teamwork)

“How to Persuade Others with the Right Questions: Jedi Mind Tricks from Daniel H. Pink”


“Unforgettable Post-It Proposal”


“The Science of Productivity”




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