HS&M the publication for healthcare sales & marketing leaders ™


We are pleased to publish this e-magazine dedicated exclusively to healthcare industry marketing & sales professionals across all of pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device and diagnostics. We are the first to cover all sectors and all medical specialties, and we’re all sales & marketing, all of the time!

HS&M’s prestigious editorial board has launched an e-magazine that is unrivaled in the industry. They have identified the areas that are important to healthcare marketing and sales professionals for HS&M to address and guided the format and digital nature of the magazine. This includes a news section which will be constantly updated so whenever you open HS&M, the news will be current!

Your ad will be seen by the industry players, visible to tens of thousands of sales & marketing professionals, with editorial content that is guaranteed to have them reading HS&M cover to cover. Ads within HS&M will leverage the latest digital platforms as well, giving our advertisers the option to create content-rich messages to target the specific needs of their audiences.

For information about being a part of HS&M, please contact Andrew McSherry at  or 339-225-5315 (cell) or 215-383-2990 (office)


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