Helio App–Novartis Pharmaceuticals and INVIVO Communications

Helio is a next-generation disease and lifestyle mobile phone application. Through an innovative interface, design philosophy, and technical implementation, it supports patients in changing their behavior, tracking their disease, and motivating them throughout their ongoing treatment. It does this through a gamified rewards structure, novel interactions, data visualization, and algorithmic insight.

Pill Pouch

Kathi Sitek’s anguish over her 89 year old mother, Stella, getting confused with her eight medications that looked similar is what stemmed the necessity to birth the Pill Pouch. It built Stella’s knowledge and confidence in her medication. Now she could identify what each pill looked like, what it was for and why she was taking it. Finally, when they went to see her doctor they no longer had to bring a bag full of pill bottles. They just brought the Pill Pouch. Stella’s renewed confidence allowed her to engage in dialogue with her doctor rather than Kathi being the filter. Kathi brought the Pill Pouch to life and became a business woman and a Michigan-based business that contributes to her local community.Pc0370200


Patient Insights Practice – Roche

Roche’s leadership challenged them to rethink their approach to drug development: How could they bring new medicines to patients faster? So they embarked on a journey to understand what takes so long and chart a course for reducing trial enrollment time. They learned that geography, awareness and trust all impact a patient’s ability to participate in trials. Patient Insights Practice utilizes a set of tools to help teams better understand the patient perspective by thoughtfully applying direct insights into patient experiences and behaviors. Based on results and positive feedback, Patient Insights was transitioned from an innovation incubator to become a standard practice that is now embedded in Roche’s Clinical Science function as a first step the clinical trial development process.Pc0370300


Live Epilepsy Advocate Social Q&A – UCB Inc.

In 2013, UCB hosted an epilepsy Patient Insights Summit where patients from around the country were flown to Atlanta to share insight into their daily lives. One major theme emerged: patients are constantly seeking mentors. UCB decided to leverage the existing Epilepsy Advocate community (which spans Facebook, YouTube, printed magazines, and live advocacy sessions) to build a two-way dialogue with patients. Using those tools, UCB developed the Epilepsy Advocate Live Q&A Series in October/ November 2014. The live sessions were hosted on Facebook in a way that has never been done by a pharma company before and community feedback was tremendous after the first two Live Q&A sessions, leading UCB to plan for more in 2015.Pc0380100


WAYWF – Bristol-Myers Squibb

In order to help create a patient-centric culture, the Bristol-Myers Squibb communications team created and launched a global internal communications program called, “Who Are you Working For?” (WAYWF) to celebrate the patients they serve and the employees who make it all possible. The program objectives were to 1) Bring a strong patient focus to the organization; 2) Motivate, engage and inspire colleagues with a sense of purpose about their jobs; and 3) Help colleagues across the globe feel better connected to each other, to key leaders and to BMS. This program was innovative in its approach to integrate stories of patients who prevailed over serious disease with stories of employees’ inspirations to work for BMS.Pc0380200



Nexavar Interactive Case Profile App Team – Bayer Healthcare, Onyx Pharmaceuticals and Radius Digital Science

The Nexavar® Interactive Case Profile App was developed so that the Nexavar® sales force could engage with HCPs (general internists, oncologists, hepatologists, and interventional radiologists) to help them identify appropriate candidates for Nexavar® treatment and emphasize the importance of starting the medication at the earliest appropriate time for an optimal clinical benefit. HCPs are now asking for a similar tool for use with their patients.Pc0380300


IMS Health and Purdue Pharma L.P.

Purdue Pharma L.P. wanted to understand how local, emerging stakeholders (e.g., integrated delivery networks) are affecting their major therapeutic area. They wanted to become a preferred, value-focused industry partner to the largest, most influential IDNs to improve quality and patient satisfaction. By using an integrated database with metrics that create a local, stakeholder-based framework, IMS Health helped them identify high-influence, high-volume IDNs within a specific therapeutic area. This led to the activation of a comprehensive IDN strategy, including alignment of brand value propositions to stakeholders and the development of job descriptions for a new set of KAMs that would call on these high-influence, high-volume IDNs.Pc0390100


JointMan Clinical Population Health Tool – Discus Analytics

Discus Analytics (DA) is addressing the lack of actionable industry data & legislation that is compelling practices to adopt healthcare informatics that were previously unavailable. The JointMan Clinical Population Health Tool will reduce overall treatment costs, minimize the number of unnecessary treatments, and improve the quality of life for patients, as well as transform practices with a clinical intelligence platform and seamlessly support clinical decisions that are aligned with best practices in the care process. Ensuring that patients and physicians are active participants in all elements, new knowledge is captured in real-time as an integral by-product of the care experience and research intelligence of the future.Pc0390200


HAE: Learn about it, Talk about it – Shire

Hereditary angioedema (HAE) is a rare, genetic and potentially life-threatening swelling condition which is frequently misdiagnosed because the symptoms can be non-specific and often mimic other conditions. In addition, many HCPs are not familiar with the condition or how to differentiate it from other types of angioedema, due in part to its rare nature. In response, the HAE: Learn About It, Talk About It clinician education program was developed to educate and increase awareness about HAE among the various specialists who may see patients with the condition. Ultimately, the program hopes to decrease time to diagnosis and advance patient care.Pc0390300



The Boehringer Ingelheim “School for Intrapreneurs”

The program is an internal incubator and accelerator program for employees within Boehringer Ingelheim worldwide, taking diverse teams through a personal development experience during which they face internal resistance and learn to overcome it while thoroughly developing their ideas in preparation to pitching them to executives for funding and support. This program is designed to encourage disruptive innovations aiming at business growth opportunities at all levels across the global organization, garnering support and enthusiasm throughout management.Pc0400100


LEO Pharma: Engage for Better Patient Care

The initiative focusses on LEO’s innovation to help each and every employee working at LEO Canada internalize patient centricity and evolve their mindset. LEO Canada believes that “once your mindset changes, everything on the outside will change along with it” The local approach was aimed to incorporate patient centricity in the annual business plan to help its adoption as a cross-organizational activity at every level.Pc0400200


Alcon KAM Group

Alcon has built a novel Key Account Management structure focusing on non-branded solutions for large ophthalmology practices in a patient centric way. The Alcon KAM group focuses on patient outcomes, experience and engagement, and aligns appropriate programs and resources for those in the disease states that they participate in. Once priorities are identified, programs and tools were implemented to address those needs in an effort to improve overall quality of care in ophthalmology. The global need is to not have a one-size-fits-all offering but a backbone program that can be customized for a global execution.Pc0400300



Debbie Profit – Otsuka Pharmaceutical Development & Commercialization

As Director, Corporate Projects, Global Clinical Development, Debbie Profit helped to conceive and lead an innovative approach for their clinical trial investigator communication strategy. By utilizing cutting-edge technology for their meetings, incorporating unconventional presentation methods, and providing HCPs with a tool for pre- and post-meetings, Otsuka has helped to educate and engage their investigator community on specific trials as well as Otsuka’s mission as a whole.Pc0410000


Lisa Banks – AstraZeneca

The Me&MyCOPD project team are part of AstraZeneca’s ground-breaking Intelligent Pharmaceuticals division, specifically investigating how to improve disease control in patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). The development of Me&MyCOPD was informed by deep insights gained from patients and providers to achieve true customer centricity. Technology has been used to connect patients with physicians in a way that is modular and flexible enough to accommodate non-UK healthcare setting, and alternative treatment pathways.Pc0410100


Karen Diaz – Novartis

As Brand Manager and Patient Service Lead for AFINITOR at Novartis, Karen Diaz tries to help patients get access to the support they need to start therapy sooner and stay on therapy. She has brought an innovative and compliant initiative to AFINITOR prescribers and their staffs, addressing the total office call. The pull-through app and accompanying website meet the changing needs of the payor oncology landscape. For the first time, all appropriate and current pull-through information can be made available with just a few clicks.

Chris Preti – GlaxoSmithKline

Chris Preti heads up Commercial Capabilities, a group within GSK (US) that is responsible for strategic and tactical operational processes, and training for sales force and marketing teams across the organization. Chris had a vision for putting the patient at the center of every business decision, and selected a team to carry out that vision. In a 2-year period, the Patient Engagement team has helped to build GSK’s capability in patient engagement and has transformed how GSK works. The net result is that GSK is acting as a true partner in the healthcare space, putting patient needs first and providing resources that help people do more, feel better, and live longer.Pc0420600




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