Compiled by Cari Kraft, Jacobs Management Group, Inc.

$384 BILLION Sales of Medical Devices are Expected to Reach $384 Billion Worldwide in 2015

The United States remains the largest medical device market, representing about 38% of the global sector, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Source: Plastics Today, January 2015


72% of older men and 67% of older women are now overweight or obese.


While smoking and drinking in the baby boomers is declining, overweight and obesity are on the rise which is especially concerning as the US aging population which is currently around 40 million, is estimated to double by 2050.

United States Census Bureau, 65+ in the United States, June 2014

4% of Patients Using Specialty Drugs Account for 25% of Total US Drug Spending

Only about 4% of patients use specialty drugs, but those drugs account for 25% of total US drug spending. Spending on specialty drugs is expected to grow to 192.2B in 2016 and 401.7B in 2020.


PWC Medical Cost Trend: Behind the Numbers 2015  

$1.23 TRILLION Pharmaceutical Sector Generates All-time High of $1.23 Trillion in Total Revenue

Due to positive health care spending trends, the pharmaceutical segment is expected to generate all-time-high total revenue of $1.23 trillion in 2014, up from $1.15 trillion in 2013 and $1.13 trillion in 2013.

Deloitte, 2015 Global life sciences outlook: adapting in an era of transformation, December 2014.


12 New Drug Products Forecasted to Reach Blockbuster Sales by 2020


A dozen products due to be launched in 2015 are forecast to reach blockbuster sales by 2020, including new drug classes in huge disease areas such as cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.

EvaluatePharma, Pharma&Biotech 2015 Preview, December, 2014

$6.5 BILLION Funding for Digital Healthcare Initiatives to Double Over Next Three Years


Accenture predicts that U.S. startup funding for digital healthcare initiatives, including telehealth and wearable technology, would nearly double over the next three years, from $3.5 billion in 2014 to $6.5billion by the end of 2017.

EMarketer, Connected Health: More Than Just Wearables, January 2015

AvaMed Proposes 5 Pillars of the Innovation Agenda


These are the five agenda items that will unleash the potential of medical technology to improve lives, reduce the cost of burden of disease, and maintain and enhance U.S. scientific and economic leadership.

AvaMed, Innovation Agenda: The Medical Innovation Ecosystem, February 2015

Oncology Market Takes Over 11.2% of Total Drug Sales Growth


By 2020 the total oncology market will dwarf all other drug categories with oncology product sales forecasted to grow 11.2%, nearly double that of the second largest category (antidiabetics).

Evaluate Pharma, World Preview 2014, Outlook to 2020

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