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Mixing it Up

Inspirational, exciting, challenging: the right video can set the tone for a meeting and quickly communicate the theme. Today it’s easy to find (and get permission to use) a lot of great openers

By Cari Kraft, Jacobs Management Group

There’s a moment at every event – meeting, launch, training – when you need to set a tone and prepare the crowd for what’s coming. It can rouse them, or make them nervous, or test their preparedness, or generate different attitudes. If numbers have flat-lined, maybe it’s time to make the team a little anxious about their performance. If the team has been at the top of their game, maybe major thanks and congrats are due. Or sometimes it’s just putting people on alert for the challenge of a big competitor or waking the team up to enhance customer service. We create goals and objectives, elicit buy-in, create processes, and build comp plans with incentives, commissions and bonuses – all to influence state of mind. We shoot for a combination of WIFM (“What’s In It For Me?”) and team attitude which comes to life most powerfully in those key moments when everyone’s on the same page and inspired. You know those meetings where you walk out and everyone is aligned, charged and ready to take on the world?

It’s about motivation, leadership, purpose, passion and connection.

Videos are one way to create that atmosphere. You can borrow from any field – sports, entertainment, business, science, exploration – and use memorable moments or great icons to inspire achievement and dedication. It’s like going to a good movie – you walk out with a little more Julia Roberts or Tom Cruise in your attitude. Plus you can get away with a little more emotion, overstatement or even sappiness than you can in a speech. I’m always looking for the right video and often disappear down a YouTube black hole and look up two hours later having found just the right one.

Paradigm Shift

When you need to have people understand the importance of perspective and step outside themselves to see life through a different lens.

We found these examples, which serve a number of purposes. You probably have some favorites of your own. Share them with us!


Dramatic Meeting Opener

To reinforce why we are all a part of healthcare.


A Woman Hears for the First Time

A video made by her family reminding us why we do what we do.


A Conference Call in Real Life

When you need to get the room laughing.


Future Medicine: Daniel Kraft

A fascinating step into the future that looks into what’s coming in our industry.


WestJet Christmas Miracle

when you want to get people thinking about customer focus.


Cari Kraft leads a team of master level recruiters at Jacobs Management Group, celebrating 20+ years of executive recruiting in the healthcare (pharmaceutical, medical device, biotechnology) and high-tech industries, nationally. Prior to joining Jacobs Management Group, Ms. Kraft has held positions as a Senior Sales Executive, Director of Business Development and Director of Marketing. She also has deep knowledge of the technology/startup fields, having been in the industry through the rise of the Internet. Ms. Kraft is a University of Pennsylvania/Wharton alumnus holding a degree in economics and decision sciences. Cari can be reached at


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