Medical Device Roundtable


By Neil Greenberg


We interviewed executives from some of the leading medical device companies to understand what was happening in their sector of the industry. Here’s what they’re experiencing now, and their prognostications for the future. Give us a picture of your business and its mission.

SEBASTIAN “SEBBY” BORRIELLO US VP of Sales & Marketing at Mentor Worldwide LLC

Mentor is a J&J company that develops, manufactures and markets innovative, science-based products for aesthetics – breast reconstruction and augmentation. We cover the elective and breast cancer continuum.


ERIC HALVORSON Global VP and General Manager Surgical Urology, Coloplast

Coloplast specializes in what we call intimate problems. We make ostomy care, catheter and incontinence products. Our founder was a nurse, Elise Sorenson, who developed an advanced ostomy bag to help her sister return to a normal life after an operation. We’re guided by her passion and commitment to patients like those.


ERIC SHAPIRO Vice President, Marketing at Given Imaging

Given Imaging, now a subsidiary of Covidien, is a pioneer in the field of capsule endoscopy, and a world leader in medical devices to support the clinical needs of the GI community. We have a range of innovative options for visualizing, diagnosing and monitoring the digestive system. We have products like the PillCam® capsule endoscope and numerous GI functional diagnostic solutions.


RICHARD MCNAUGHTON Former VP of Sales, Arjo Huntleigh, current Senior Vice President of Sales for MedAssets

ArjoHuntleigh provides medical equipment and integrated solutions for patient handling and hygiene, medical beds and therapeutic surfaces, wound healing, DVT prevention, disinfection and diagnostics. Patient falls are an $8 billion problem, and ArjoHuntleigh products and systems can eliminate about 50% of those. Our goal is to encourage early and safe return to mobility for the patient, enhancing outcomes. Mobility enhances quality of life. We often get the patient out of the hospital 2-3 days earlier than was previously feasible.


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